VP 100 Tone-Voice Pager

VP 100 Tone-Voice Pager

The Wireless VP-100 Pager is a high-performance voice pager that has many advanced features.

Because the VP-100 is designed to accommodate both commercial and private system operation, the programming of the pager will determine what options are activated and what modes are used for each individual pager. What works great in a commercial system is usually an undesirable mode for private or fire radio systems. For this reason, these instructions will specifically tell the operator what modes to program into a pager for each type of operation.


Commercial carrier 2-tone voice alerting
Fire and public safety paging features
Multiple cap codes for individual and multiple group paging
Long tone group paging
Monitor mode for use in fire service
Silent mode
Vibrate mode
Priority paging options
Voice storage capability
Automatic reset capability


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