Numeric LS-350

Numeric LS-350

The LS-350 provides exciting capabilities in messaging and can become a vital part of your business and personal life. This compact pager combines messaging and timekeeping functions in a package that is convenient to carry.

FLEX Capable
Offers users the latest and most efficient technology affording extended battery life and page reliability.

Message Slots: 30
Plenty of memory to receive and store all your important messages so you can refer to them when needed.

Built-in Alarm Clock
Set the built-in alarm clock to alert you one time, daily, or weekly.

Backlit Display
Allows you to easily read your messages at night or in a low light environment.

Message Lock
Lock important messages so they will not be accidentally erased.

Memory Retention
Don’t accidentally erase important messages by turning off your pager – the messages are retained when the pager is off.

Low Battery Indicator
Notifies you that your battery is getting low and needs to be replaced – helping to ensure that you don’t miss any messages.

Time of Day
Left your watch at home…no need to worry. You can check the time on your pager.

Message Timestamping
Helps you prioritize your messages by knowing exactly what time they were received.

3 Pleasing Alerts
Pleasing alerts give notification of an incoming message, differentiating your pager’s sound from others.

Vibrating Alert
You can be alerted of incoming messages in a noisy environment or discreetly alerted when you do not want to disturb those around you with a loud alert.

Reminder Alert
A short friendly alert reminds you when you have not reviewed your messages.

Erase All
Keep your memory slots organized by easily erasing all unlocked messages when you no longer need to save them.

Battery: 1 AAA
The battery is small, lightweight and replacements are readily available.